KOE18 background image

We are the people behind the KOE18 Fashion Show.

We are a team of 7 soon-to-be professional fashion designers from LAMK Institute of Design. We have been working with our final collections from the start of this year. In addition to this we are also organizing the actual event by ourselves.

KOE18 Fashion Show is executed in collaboration with fellow students from younger classes as well as students from other fields of study.

The collaborators also include several corporate patrons who wish to support Finnish design, culture and art in this way.

KOE Fashion Show, Graduates

    Supporting team

    • Susanna Björklund

      Event coordinator
    • Janita Vilkman

      Graphic design
    • Juho Länsiharju

    • Daniel Patty

      Digital development
    • Mikko Tammilehto

    • Daria Benabad

      Event production/ Marketing
    • Elina Peltola

      Event production
    • Regina Safonova

      Event production
    • Minna Tran

      Event assistant
    • Roosa Helenius

      Event assistant